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For links to books and articles that relate to men's emotional wellness, see the list below.

(If you find the bibliography too intimidating and want a list of materials to begin your research into this topic, go the "Getting Started" page.)


Getting Started

Some books and articles from our bibliography which will help you get started, with basic texts, on learning about issues related to our mission.

Gender Roles & Studies

Male Socialization
Suggested Books and Articles on the Socialization of Boys and Men

Gay Males

Issues specific to homosexual males


Issues specific to males who either desire a different ‘interpretation’ of their gender or who feel that their birth gender was not congruent with their personal sense of their sex.

Female Socialization
Suggested Books and Articles on the Socialization of Girls and Women

Communication and Relations Between Sexes

Men's Emotional Wellness
Suggested Books and Articles on Positive Mental Health for Pro-Feminist Men

Men's Roles As Fathers

Parenting Skills

Child Abuse and Trauma

Sexual Child Abuse and Recovery

Oppression and Patriarchy

Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute was founded in 2001

to help men become emotionally healthy.