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The following is a list of pages related to sites of other organizations and educational groups which we feel are complimentary to our mission and that add further substance to our message. Under each heading is a short description of the kinds of sites on that page, plus a hypertext link that will take you to that page.

Men’s Wellness Websites

Websites that contribute to an understanding of men’s emotional wellness

Fatherhood Websites

Websites that focus on the attributes which support a positive image of fatherhood

Male Sexual Trauma Websites

Websites which assist in understanding the issues faced by male sexual trauma survivors

PTSD and Child Abuse Websites

Websites which contribute to an understanding of the multiplicity of issues involved in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), that results from child abuse

Sexual Assault Websites

Websites that focus their attention on how to avoid sexual assault, as well as the issues faced by survivors of sexual assault

Transgender/Transsexual Websites

Websites which focus their energies on assisting men (and women), who are uncomfortable with their gender-of-birth and either wish to modify their existing selves into a more androgynous, non-polarized gender of presentation, or who have realized, often from childhood, that there is a distinct incongruity between their “gender sense of self” and their “biological bodies”

Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute was founded in 2001

to help men become emotionally healthy.


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