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Ever since the column by Greg Freeman and the article by Art Charity appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, we began to have a large number of inquiries about resources that Mariposa might be able to provide. We have tried to emphasize that we are an organization that focuses on education and training, marketing, and program development, not (for the present, at least) direct mental health services.

From the start, though, our desire was to become a resource database clearinghouse for mental health counselors and other agencies which provide services to men, both in the St. Louis/Gateway region and elsewhere in the nation. Therefore, we will attempt, in coming months, to begin compiling such resources, which will be posted on this page.

Below, you will find links to other pages which list mental health resources (both for male sexual abuse survivors and male clients more generally) and non-MH agencies whose mission corresponds to our own, in that they provide services for males. Please return to this page periodically for further posting of such resources.

If you make use of any of the professional resources listed on these pages, please let the counselors or agencies know that you found information about them on the Mariposa Men's Wellness Institute website -- and let us know as well, if you have the time (at Thanks!

Mental Health Counselors
Therapists in St. Louis, Missouri Who Work With Male Clients

MH Counselors: Guidelines
Suggested Guidelines For Clients When Choosing A Mental Health Counselor

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