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Charles Kindleburger (retired) was the Director of Research at the St. Louis City Community Development Agency. In addition to serving on MMWI’s Board, he is involved with RESULTS locally in St. Louis.

Pictured here engaged in hands-on men’s wellness work with his grandson, Michael Lowenstein retired recently after 30+ years at St. Louis’ Harris-Stowe State College helping undergraduates find their voices as readers and writers, and 20+ years with the Gateway Writing Project helping language arts teachers grow as reflective professionals. He is in the process of quilting together a life in retirement that currently includes, among other pieces, honing his own voice through meditation, writing, and playing the saxophone as well as devoting time to Jazz St. Louis as a volunteer in service to jazz.

MMWI Board of Directors

Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute was founded in 2001

to help men become emotionally healthy.

Kathy Bernard, Vice President of Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute, is the author of the Get a Job! Tips blog, which focuses on providing practical tips to help job seekers find work. She also leads workshops and meets job seekers for one-on-one Career Launch Lunches so they can pick her brain over fast food. Based in St. Louis, Mo., Kathy is a corporate communicator who has racked up 27 awards for communications excellence.

In 2003, Donald B. Jeffries, MPA, MSW, President/Executive Director of Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute, founded the nonprofit. In addition to creating and maintaining this website, he writes a weekly blog on the issues of adult male sexual abuse survivors.

He had experience for many years with the men’s wellness movement in New Mexico before moving to St. Louis in 1998 to finish his graduate degree in social work at Washington University.

Robert Reszinski is retired from 30 years at Allegheny Ludlum - Precision metal sales. Besides serving on the MMWI Board, Bob is a member of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee for the First Unitarian Church of St. Louis.