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Our Mission

A discussion of our overall organizational mission and philosophy.

About Us

A bit of background information and history about the Institute and our Executive Director.

Services of Mariposa MWI

Our existing services for groups, schools, agencies, social workers, and mental health professionals, plus an extensive list of services we propose to implement once we have established sufficient funding.

Public and Media Relations

Columns, articles, and other public relations coverage about Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute that have appeared in the St. Louis and national media.

Charitable Donations

Ways in which the public can assist us, both financially and in-kind, to achieve the goals of our mission.


Events that are sponsored by the Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute or which we believe the public should be aware of concerning men’s issues.

Gender Socialization

A number of outlines, articles and other forms of information about the various approaches to ‘maleness’ and the ‘manhood construct’ taken by males in our culture to define - and sometimes reject - the dominant cultural expectations.

Men’s Emotional Wellness

Wherein we begin to define and discuss our vision for a more healthy cultural construct of maleness. We have added several articles by our Executive Director, plus some book reviews. Scroll down the page to find those links.


An extensive list concerning the old and new expectation about fatherhood and tips on how to achieve more healthy behaviors.

Male Sexual Trauma

A needs assessment study concerning services for adult male sexual trauma survivors, and introductory article on psychological effects of childhood sexual abuse, and various articles on issues faced by male sexual trauma survivors.

Violence Prevention

Several articles concerning healthier behaviors for men and how to add to an overall climate of safety for everyone. Also included in this section are resources, articles, and video from the Shaken Baby Syndrome contract in 1997-98 that Donald Jeffries, MPA had, while employed by the New Mexico Advocates for Children and Families, with the New Mexico Department of Children & Family Services


Listing of mental health counselors and related agencies which focus on the issues of men and male sexual trauma survivors. (Work-in-progress; return here periodically for further updates.)


Recommended books and articles on a wide variety of subjects related to men’s emotional wellness, male sexual trauma, and gender socialization. Each of the topic areas is accessible from the Bibliography page.

Links to Related Sites

Other websites that contain information that we feel compliments and adds to our message.

Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute was founded in 2001

to help men become emotionally healthy.

Website Guide