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On this page we will discuss what we feel are the problems with the present cultural definitions of manhood and begin to define our vision of a more healthy ‘maleness’ construct, that values males for the nurturant, team-building qualities.

We are influenced in this quest by quite a number of perspectives, though we should note at the outset that the book which has changed our vision (and which we would highly recommend to our readers) is The End of Manhood: A Book for Men of Conscience by John Stoltenberg. In his book, John carefully dissects the cultural messages that men are given about what it ‘means to be a man” and then actively challenges many of those definitions. He notes, with clear and concise language, that our current (and historical) definition of manhood rests on a cultural construct which encourages men to be violent and emotionless creatures, prone to dominance and living a life devoid of deep human connections.

Mr. Stoltenberg contends - and we heartily agree -- that this cultural construct is adverse to the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of men in their connection with other men, with their partners, with children, and with the environment. His suggestion is that we dispense with this dominating, anti-egalitarian, anti-life construct and begin to manifest a perspective that is based on loving justice, which he notes requires that “for any precious one of us to become fully human, some of us must learn to love justice more than we love manhood.”

On the various page links within this section, we will present articles, papers, and excerpts which further illuminate this and other more healthy constructs of maleness which will hopefully allow men to grow as fully functioning human beings. We will also offer connective links to other organizations in the St. Louis area that we feel are working for a healthier vision of maleness. Our hope is that these different perspectives will encourage our readers to actively question their own socialization and seek a path less traveled which will open their eyes, hearts and minds to a new vision of maleness which is healthier for men and everyone with whom they come into contact. (Books related to this issue can be found in the Bibliography under Men’s Emotional Wellness, Men of Color, Communication Between The Sexes, and Oppression & Patriarchy.)

Heterosexual Relationships Between Men and Women:

        Equality of the Sexes: Reading Between the Lines (1989)

        Equitable Dating (1994)

        Equitable Sex (2009)

The New Mexico Men’s Wellness Movement:

        The Next 20 Years of the New Mexico Men’s Movement] (2005)

        Improving the New Mexico Men’s Wellness Movement (2005)

        Why We, As Males, Behave the Way We Do (2005)


Book Reviews:

        The Will To Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love

Mariposa Men’s Wellness Institute was founded in 2001

to help men become emotionally healthy.


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